A state–of–the–art datacenter in the USA

Our company is collaborating with a high class datacenter in the USA, which is based in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. It is run by a leading US–based IT enterprise and has the most suitable hosting environment for your web sites twenty–four–seven.

The datacenter in the USA provides full redundancy in power, network connectivity and security. Its servers offer the most up–to–date hardware components obtainable.

A fully backed–up network

Our datacenter in the USA delivers a completely dependable network. Although Vps Trial’s internal network boasts Juniper routers and switches, in addition to heavily customized software, they use Cisco hardware. The network is 100% meshed and dependable with the help of a variety of large backbone suppliers.

Because of this amazing network setup, we are able to give a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all our web hosting solutions – Linux cloud hosting packages, VPS servers, Linux semi-dedicated hosting plans and Linux dedicated servers.

Excellent route selection

The datacenter in the USA has put together a good peering network, which includes some of the very best network companies in the USA, for instance Layer(3), NTT and nLayer. For optimal route choice and automatic failover purposes, the data center’s sys admins take advantage of the Border Gateway BC Protocol.

Due to the remarkable route selection, we can offer you super fast connection rates not just across the US, but in addition worldwide. That’s why, should you host your websites in the datacenter in the USA, your sites are going to work much faster than ever before from any location.

A 99.9% network uptime guarantee

A group of proficient technicians is on–site 24 hours to maintain and monitor the web hosting server network so as to ensure an outstanding 100% network uptime. By supplying top–quality hardware on Vps Trial’s servers, we are able to warrant a 99.9% server uptime with each of the hosting solutions.

And also, Vps Trial’s custom cloud hosting system allows for the server load to always be distributed among a number of machines, so that your web sites are not to suffer occasional service interferences. We’ve also developed a rather individualized, Linux–based server Operating System, that permits us to incorporate or remove new machines at any time without leading to any outages whatsoever.

Very well taken care of and tried and tested hosting servers

Our server network has a vast number of web servers, which are being supervised 24/7. If something happens with any service on our servers, the clever notification system will automatically let Vps Trial’s system administrators know. We have also designed an SMS notification system, which will notify our server administrators if an issue is not handled.

Inside our datacenter in the USA we hold testing servers, production servers, backup servers, and administrative, spare and dedicated servers. Additionally, we’ve got multiple master VPS machines as well as some semi–dedicated servers.

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