A modern datacenter in the United Kingdom

The datacenter in the United Kingdom keeps a wide variety of Linux cloud hosting servers and VPS servers servers and it’s also the most appropriate position for Vps Trial’s cutting–edge Linux cloud hosting platform. Furthermore, it is designed with an absolutely dependable network and excellent connectivity to Europe, Africa and most of the Asian nations.

Therefore, if your targeted customers are from just about any of the abovementioned continents, you’d better opt for the datacenter in the United Kingdom instead of selecting the popular datacenter in the USA solution.

A good server web hosting location

Technological knowledge and server characteristics were the key reasons why we selected the datacenter in the United Kingdom over some other British locations. Its administrative body has set up one of the best network infrastructure and server equipment that can be found on the market. The facility features twice as much cooling capability and electrical power compared to alternative data center facilities, that allows us to supply an optimal hosting atmosphere for your web sites.

Furthermore, Pulsant is well–known for providing direct fiber access to the USA and Europe (Amsterdam and Paris), which assures a very good network potential for your mission–critical applications.

A 99.9% network uptime warranty

Our 10,000–square–feet datacenter in the United Kingdom is in business from 2006 and at this time houses hundreds of web servers and millions of web sites. There’s an excellent peering network and it’s also connected with 2 London Docklands data center facilities – Telehouse East and Telecity HEX89, by way of a 10Gig Extreme Networks ring.

All the aforementioned ensures perfect connection rates for all of your clients who reside in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our interior network is totally reliable as well, which enables us to offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

7–days–a–week data center support

Technologically advanced, well–trained and entirely dedicated industry experts are in charge of the care of our hardware plus the normal functioning of the offered products and services. And the server admins in our central office have launched an extremely reliable type of Debian Linux, on which our cloud hosting system depends.

We’ve in addition constructed a unique alert system, which lets us know if there’s a problem with just about any service or any server. This way, our technical support group and system administrators are prepared for any issue – most often, even well before it begins.

Solid & reliable UK servers

We have a growing network of servers which includes ordinary production servers for hosting small personal web sites, as well as semi–dedicated and dedicated servers and main VPS machines for big company websites. All of the web hosting servers in the UK data center are in our custom–built cloud hosting system and therefore are plugged into a professional monitoring system, which helps us keep tabs on their operation twenty four by seven.

In addition, we have backup servers allowing us to restore your site content in the case of occasional loss of data, as well as web servers for testing purposes.

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